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ESL air spring cross-refernce warranty
  Ebtekar Sanat Lastic air springs have one year full warranty against failure due to material or workmanship defects.  

Warranty have some exclusions:

If an external solid matter cause a defect to the air spring.
Operating the air spring without air pressure.
Overloading the vehicle.
Wrong installation.
Using the air spring in incorrect place.

Ebtekar Sanat Lastic air springs are designed to provide years and thousands of miles of trouble free service. The durability of Ebtekar Sanat Lastic air springs is such that they will often outlast other maintenance items on your suspension, such as bushings, shocks, leveling valves or regulators.

Ebtekar Sanat Lastic air springs are warranted to be free of material defects and/or workmanship for one year, depending upon the application. Free replacements may be provided by the original manufacturer, manufacturer’s representative or dealer, or by any Ebtekar Sanat Lastic air spring distributor.

Since each individual air spring is closely examined and pressure tested at the factory, the vast majority of premature failures and consequent warranty returns are found not to be defective, but fail because of abuse caused by other problems associated with the suspension.

Before you install a new air spring, you should carefully examine the old one to determine what caused it to fail. If it was due to a defect in the suspension system, then the new air spring will also fail unless you correct the problem.

Important Details  
DO NOT inflate unless properly secured in the suspension system of the vehicle or in some other appropriate
Operate the air spring only in the vehicle’s suspension or a suitable device.
Pressure may not exceed 100 psi / 7 bar. Otherwise there is a danger of injury!
Working temperature: -40°C to 70°C, -40°F to 158°F
  Air springs should be kept in dark and dry storage at normal room temperature.  
  Chemical Resistance  
  Air springs are:  
Suitable for operation at temperature from -40°C to 70°C
Resistant to oil contaminated compressed air
Resistant to chemically non aggressive dust
Resistant to alkaline and acidic cleaning agents
Resistant to ozone
  Air springs are not resistant to:  
Hydraulic oils
Lubricating grease
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